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Ryan Schmidt

In the last few years the road racing scene in western Canada has been slowly rebuilding. Ryan was first introduced into the scene from a bunch of friends & since then, his passion for road racing has continued to grow tremendously each year. His first rear wheel drive, time attack capable car, was a 88 Mazda RX7. Over the last few years he has learned the capabilities of the RX7 & road racing making lead him to purchase the RX8. With the huge interest of road racing, he studied the sport by watching videos & spent time researching specs for his current race car builds. Ryan has spent majority of his career working in the high performance industry. All tho Ryan has built & prepped all of his road race cars, he has also helped many friends with their race cars as well.


In 2013 Ryan enrolled in the competition race school and recieved his FIA/WCMA road race competition license. Ryan is very thankful for the support of his family, friends and shop which has allowed him to continue racing every year. With the continuing growth of the Canadian western road racing, Ryan's main goal is to better himself and continue supporting the community. Ryan is focused & geared to show the world his talent in road racing.

Racing Experience:
5 Years Speedway Performance HPDE Time attack

2013 Competiton Race School

2014 FIA / WCMA Race License

2014 Time Attack Instructor


2014 Leduc LA1k GT2 2nd Place Podium
2012 Real Street Champion

2011 Real Street Champion

Current Job:

Moretto Motorsportz

Speed Shop Foreman


Custom Wiring

Journeyman Red Seal Mechanic



Snow Boarding


Working out
Other Interests:

Rock, Electronic, Trance, Techno


Likes & Skills

Name – Ryan Schmidt
Birthdate – 11/18/1988
Height – 5’11”
Weight – 178-181 lbs
Eye Color – Blue
Hair Color – Brown

Nickname – 440
Car Number – 222
Hometown – Edmonton, AB
Current Residence – Edmonton, AB
Languages – English
Occupation – Foreman/Mechanic